Winning Treadmill Workouts


Winning Treadmill Workouts (digital version) provides a host of workouts to satisfy all types of training enthusiasts. The book opens with some History of the treadmill an interesting reveal of how treadmills evolved over the ages.  There are also recommendations on what to look for when you set out to purchase your treadmill for home use.  If your primary exercise for weight loss is a treadmill, we have workouts for you!  If you use a treadmill to supplement your outdoor racing, we have a bunch of workouts tailor made for you too!  Winning Treadmill Workouts goes beyond what you may expect, there very comprehensive chapters covering:

  • How to Burn Fat
  • How to Run Properly
  • How to employ Heart Rate
  • Hill Running
  • Forced March Workouts
  • Training Templates and so much more!

All of these workouts and philosophies are drawn from Coach Diaz’s Training Library.  Many of the workouts here are the same workouts his private training clients are doing in their training and racing plans.  He also shares some of his high intensity training technics to improve agility and over-speed development drills.  Regardless who you are or what you train for, Winning Treadmill Workouts has something for you!

Coach Diaz provides his unique approach to train to drop body fat safely and effectively.  Cut through the confusion and get to work with his Winning Treadmill Workouts! Perfect for those who live in prohibitive training weather and are forced indoors to train for several months each year.  It is also very helpful for those who live at sea level and hope to compete in mountainous terrain!

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