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 At Diaz Human Performance, we’re not just another fitness business – we are your ultimate destination for reaching new heights in endurance sports and athletic performance. From elite virtual coaching to specialized diagnostics and consulting, we are your partner in unleashing your true potential

💪 OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU   At Diaz Human Performance, your success is our passion. We are dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to achieve your dreams. No shortcuts, no compromises – only exceptional training and unwavering support to make your ambitions a reality.

🌟 DISCOVER THE DIAZ DIFFERENCE   Join our community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have experienced the Diaz Difference. It’s not just about training; it’s about transforming lives, pushing boundaries, and becoming the best version of yourself.

🔍 UNLOCK YOUR FULL POTENTIAL   We go beyond just training – we focus on a comprehensive approach to optimize your performance. Our top-notch diagnostics and consulting service provide invaluable insights into your unique physiology, guiding us to create a plan that maximizes your potential. The journey to greatness starts here!

READY TO ELEVATE YOUR PERFORMANCE?  Take the first step towards greatness. Contact us today and embark on a journey that will redefine what you thought possible. Let’s conquer new horizons together at Diaz Human Performance! 

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VO2 max Testing

VO2 max testing recognized as the gold standard of fitness assessment. Beyond this, being able to precisely identify your metabolic turn point is serves as the key to unlocking your potential . Coach Diaz has nearly 3 decades of experience in this field. Once he has collected the data from your assessment he can effectively lead you into a successful training plan.

Resting Metabolism

More energy is burned at rest than during exercise. In order to successfully support your daily activities, this should be your first stop in your fitness journey. Combine this information with the data from your VO2 max test and you will have a clear and precise understanding of how well your metabolism functions and how much food to consume.
Coach Diaz

Virtual Coaching

Coach Diaz is world renowned for his depth of knowledge as a performance clinician and a coach. His virtual Coaching program provides you with one on one program design and consultation every week face to face in video conference. Anywhere in the world, if you have internet, you have access to one of the best coaches in the world!

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