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Diaz Human Performance is a unique training, diagnostics, consulting and athletic support business. We focus on endurance sports training such as running, coaching, cycling, bike fits and nutrition but we also renowned for our team sports training; agility, explosive speed and power training. we do work with youths as well as adult athletes. We also provide “elite” one on one fitness training.

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VO2 max Testing

VO2 max testing recognized as the gold standard of fitness assessment. Beyond this, being able to precisely identify your metabolic turn point is serves as the key to unlocking your potential . Coach Diaz has nearly 3 decades of experience in this field. Once he has collected the data from your assessment he can effectively lead you into a successful training plan.

Resting Metabolism

More energy is burned at rest than during exercise. In order to successfully support your daily activities, this should be your first stop in your fitness journey. Combine this information with the data from your VO2 max test and you will have a clear and precise understanding of how well your metabolism functions and how much food to consume.
Coach Diaz

Virtual Coaching

Coach Diaz is world renowned for his depth of knowledge as a performance clinician and a coach. His virtual Coaching program provides you with one on one program design and consultation every week face to face in video conference. Anywhere in the world, if you have internet, you have access to one of the best coaches in the world!