Virtual Training by Coach Diaz

$300.00 / month

Virtual Training by Coach Diaz

Virtual Training by Coach Diaz, recognized as one of the best, most experienced OCR and Endurance coaches of our time.  Stop wasting your time, money and energy on less experienced so called coaches!  One of the most common pitfalls in recreational sport is falling for someone who would appear to be a great coach because he or she is a great athlete!  This is commonly referred to as “The Study of One,” do as I do and be as I am!  Really?  Do you really think that following the programming that helped one athlete succeed will make you a winner too?  Is this so called coach still competing?  Where do you think his or her priorities lie?  With you?

Coach Diaz has 3 decades experience coaching athletes from a variety of disciplines from novice to World Champions.  With over 26 years experience in clinical diagnostics and mechanical assessments, this is and has been his principle occupation.  It is not a side gig to pay rent so he can continue to race so he doesn’t have to get a job.

Here’s what you can expect.

  • Weekly One on One Calls, no matter where in the world you are.  During these calls we will discuss the week ahead, recap the previous weeks training results.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis,  powered by data collection such as: Heart rate, pace, distance, cadence, elevation changes at our finger tips.  As a highly experienced clinician, this data paints a very detailed picture for your coach.
  • Goal Setting, Coach Diaz will be your personal advisor, helping you decide what type of races are best for you, when to race, how often and then begin to build a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.
  • Virtual Gait Analysis, before we can indiscriminately begin applying work, we need to insure that your skills are well developed.  Through video capture, your coach will evaluate your running mechanics, and correct flaws that slow you down and lead to injury.
  • Customized Daily Workouts, this is not a cookie cutter process.  Your physical abilities, fitness and athletic history will dictate where your training goes day to day.  This will include but not limited to: functional strength, running, and all related facets of cross training as needed.
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