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As they say… “What you don’t know can hurt you.”  Running related injuries can wreck your racing season, trying to run through pain is never a good idea.  Aside from learning how to run to reduce the risk of hurting yourself, you will also learn how much fuel you need to consume day to day,  how to train your energy systems to increase your endurance and develop a sound training strategy.

Experience a weekend of assessments, education and training!


Clinic Dates for 2023!

Greenville South Carolina   March 11-12 

Franklin Tennessee                 April 22-23  

Interested in hosting a clinic in your hometown?  Drop us a message and let’s see if we can make it happen.

Optimize your running style to reduce the onset of injury and to enhance performance

Identify your athletic potential by finding your VO2max and Anaerobic Threshold

Coach Diaz is world renowned for his ability to turn good athletes into Winning Athletes in Spartan and OCR competition

If you love to run or compete in Spartan or OCR style races, these events are game changers!

Training The Dark Side

An ground breaking "novel" approach to training for OCR, Running and endurance sports for maximum performance.

20 Week MarathonTraining

A 20 week, step by step training template. Based on the principles in Training the Dark Side.

The Hyrox Project

An eight week training guide to prepare for Hyrox competitions. Also based on the "Flow" concepts outlined in Training The Dark Side.

12 Week
Half Marathon Plan

This is an ALL NEW revolutionary approach to Running based on Training The Dark Side
Coach Diaz Teaches

Let's Get Started!

The process for registration is quick and easy, pay your first monthly coaching fee of $300 by clicking the button.  Once you’ve registered, your coach will contact you via email to schedule your first phone consult.  During this call he will walk you through the work flow of loading your workouts, setting up your first video gait analysis and scheduling your weekly calls.  

The rest is just doing the work!

Virtual Coaching by Richard Diaz​


It’s taken years to refine my approach in being able to serve as a highly effective Virtual Coach.  By gathering the data provided via your Heart Monitor/GPS watch, I am able to see the cause and effect of my training prescription.  You in turn, gain the benefit of my 3 decades of experience no matter where in the world you live! 

Currently I am coaching Spartan and Hyrox athletes and of course Runners of all distances.

VO2max testing

VO2 max testing is considered the gold standard in fitness evaluation.  Aside from reporting on your fitness, this test provides a wealth of information for training for endurance and stamina.  Coach Diaz has nearly 30 years of clinical experience testing athlete from all sports and all levels of ability.

Most the athletes we meet are pretty fit and dieting is not their concern.  What you may not realize, is that if you are not getting enough calories in your daily diet,  making improper food choices or restricting specific substrates like carbs, etc.,  this can lead to lack luster performances.  An unbalanced diet begins with not enough or even too many calories. 

Live Gait Analysis

Gait analysis

Virtual Gait Analysis


Isn’t it ironic that we assume that running requires no training?  Runners have the highest rate of injury than any other sport.  If you run poorly, worst case, you’ll injure yourself.  At best, your performance will suffer.  In a matter of one private session Coach Diaz will identify the flaws in your gait, explain them to you and summarily teach you how to correct them.  He is internationally recognized as one of the best in the business!  If you are incapable of attending a session privately, a virtual gait analysis is the next best thing!.


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Do you think that your son or daughter should simply perform well when their is little to no fundamental training that prepares them to participate in sports.  Sure, there are those that appear to be gifted, however even those kids are subject to injury. 

Our unique method of training provides the critical elements of movement prep that are unheard of in the school coaching environment.  Bottom line, our young clients dominate their competition.

They run faster, are more agile and possess skills well beyond what is available to the other kids.

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