HYROX Analysis

Optimize Your HYROX Training with Coach Diaz.

Fatigue is the primary enemy in Hyrox, CrossFit and other endurance challenges. Hyrox Competition Prep precisely identifies your metabolic response to training to enhance your training experience.  In sports that challenge an athlete over a variety exercises, places unique demands on the cardio vascular system. 

Hyrox World Champion. Rest, Run, Gait, Row and Ski

What's the Process Look Like?

  • Save muscle, drop body fat and develop limitless energy.
  • We then provide our unique running gait analysis and correction session.
  • Hyrox Competition Prep teaches you how to run properly to reduce injuries while running faster at less expense.
  • Then begins the VO2 max tests… One for each challenge. (our package includes 3 VO2max tests typically running, rowing and skiing (A Bike erg test can be added for an additional fee). This visit will take as much as 5 hours to complete. Because of the time restraint, we cannot take more than 3 clients in one appointment.

Training The Dark Side

A ground breaking approach to training for, Running and endurance for maximum performance.

The Hyrox Project

An eight week training guide for Hyrox competitions. Based on "Flow" concepts in Training The Dark Side.