VO2 max testing


Make an appointment to have a VO2 max test with Coach Diaz,  it may not be what you think!  Understanding how your body responds to the challenges you present are quickly and effectively born out during these tests.  Taking the test is the first step, having an expert interpret and clearly explain the findings is what makes the difference. If you are a Runner, Triathlete, Cyclist, Obstacle course or Hyrox athlete this information is priceless!  Coach Diaz is internationally known for his work with endurance athletes and his experience makes all the difference.


  • VO2 max test is recognized as the gold standard for determining fitness potential.
  • Anaerobic threshold is key to training prescription this test provides this information for you.
  • We will perform your Vo2 max test on the devices most pertinent to your sport, Treadmill, Bike, Rower or Ski erg.

In Multi-sport, CrossFit or Hyrox it is important to test each challenge to create a precise understanding of energy demands. You may opt for Performance Testing as an option.  The appointment entails the assessment and interpretation.  This is what we do and have for decades. We appreciate that the information may be a bit complex for a novice, we will carefully explain the information in easy to digest terms.  As Coach Diaz has often says: “It doesn’t matter what I know, it matters what I can teach.”

You do not need to be an elite athlete to benefit from this information.  To the contrary, every aspiring fitness enthusiast or athlete of any age should be tested.  Being tested should be the first step in your athletic journey.  It’s the difference between knowing and guessing how to proceed with your training. If you have a bucket list event, running your first Marathon or Triathlon being tested is a game changer!