Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing with Coach Diaz.

More energy is burned at rest than during exercise. In order to successfully feed to support your daily activities, this should be your first stop in your fitness journey. Combine this information with the data from your VO2 max test and you will have a clear and precise understanding of how well your metabolism functions and how much food to consume.

Resting metabolic assessment

What's the Process Look Like?

The Resting Metabolic Test is a simple 15 minute assessment, best connected in a fasted state.  All you do is lie on our exam table (fully clothed) while we sample your respiration through a special mask. The information is collected by our metabolic cart and depicted in real time on our big screen TV.  Once the test is complete, we will interpret the results and how best to put this data to work!

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