Resting Metabolic Testing


Resting Metabolic Testing is the cornerstone of a sound meal plan

The test identifies how many calories your body requires over a 24 hour period assuming there is no activity. Resting Metabolic Testing also reveals how efficient your body is in burning fat vs. carbohydrate while at rest. Combine this with the information revealed in a VO2 max test and you’ll know how many calories you need to support your lifestyle. Average calories burned per hour from exercise, calories at rest and general activity tells the story!

Incidentally, we provide both of these assessments during our OCR Run Clinics.  Because we know these tests defines the energy you consume and weighs heavily into your success as an athlete.

The Resting Metabolic Test is a simple 15 minute assessment, best connected in a fasted state.  All you do is lie on our exam table (fully clothed) while we sample your respiration through a special mask. The information is collected by our metabolic cart and depicted in real time on our big screen TV.  Once the test is complete, we will interpret the results and how best to put this data to work!

Are you hoping to lose weight?

Most diets result in failure because they are too restrictive, if you cut calories too drastically and is not sustainable.  Resting Metabolic Testing cuts through the guess work and provides reliable feedback regarding your meal plans.  Our nutrition counselor can take the information from your test and help you plan an effective feeding strategy.  You may consider looking into our Smart Meals plan.

Our goal is to empower our clients with scientific, reliable information and training.  We believe that your body is too important to simply guess.  We don’t need to guess, we’ve been at this for decades and our advice is backed by literally thousands of clinical trials. Purchase now and we’ll be in touch soon!

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