Running Gait and Correction


Running Gait and Correction

Of all of the services provided here, Coach Diaz is most  for his unique style of Running Gait and Correction talent.  There are other practitioners that provide this service but, the success that occurs under Coach Diaz’s eye is unparalleled.  Athletes travel from all over the country just to have the opportunity to experience his teachings. His success with countless athletes, some coming away from frustrating injuries only to achieve podium is really remarkable.

Here is what you can expect:
  • A comprehensive review of your running history
  • A functional analysis of range of motion and inhibitions
  • Video capture from 3 planes of motion followed by analytical review of your running gait
  • Introduction to a more efficient, “logical” running style and rationale
  • Hands on gait training, applying what you were taught.

Of course, he can teach you how and explain why but once you leave, it’s up to you to go to work.  You will leave with a firm understanding of what you need to work on, with cues and tips to follow.  Generally within a matter of weeks, the frustrations once experienced begin to fall away and your performance becomes excititing!  The key to performance as a runner begins with the running mechanics. Master the skills of proper posture and ground contact and a racing personal best is just around the corner!

Regardless of the distance or environment you intend to compete a Running Gait and Correction session is a game changer!  It’s no wonder his virtual coaching services have been taught out from athletes from around the world.  The most common visit includes a VO2 max test which results in a well rounded running efficiency energetic economy.  For some, spending some time on a virtual consult may be the first step. You may have questions that need a few quick answers before making the journey to Franklin Tennesse!