Running Gait and Correction


Unleash Your Running Potential with Coach Diaz’s Unique Running Gait and Correction!

Are you ready to experience a running transformation like never before? Coach Diaz’s one-of-a-kind Running Gait and Correction talent is renowned for its unparalleled success. Athletes from all corners of the country flock to him for the opportunity to elevate their performance to new heights – from overcoming frustrating injuries to standing on the podium.

Here’s What Awaits You:
  1. A Holistic Approach: Receive a comprehensive review of your running history and a functional analysis of your range of motion and inhibitions.
  2. Precision Analysis: Benefit from video capture from three different angles to thoroughly analyze your running gait, followed by expert guidance on a more efficient and “logical” running style.
  3. Hands-On Coaching: Coach Diaz will personally guide you through gait training, ensuring you apply the techniques effectively.
Empower Yourself for Success:

While Coach Diaz can teach you the techniques and the “why” behind them, your journey to greatness rests in your hands. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of what to work on, armed with cues and tips to follow. Within weeks, the frustrations you once faced will melt away, and you’ll be thrilled with your improved performance!

Master Your Running Mechanics:

Unleash your true potential as a runner by mastering proper posture and ground contact. With these essential skills in your toolkit, you’ll soon find yourself setting personal bests and achieving remarkable results.

A Game-Changer for Every Athlete:

No matter your distance or competition environment, a Running Gait and Correction session with Coach Diaz is a game-changer! It’s no surprise that athletes worldwide seek his virtual coaching services, where a VO2 max test ensures optimal running efficiency and energetic economy. If you’re curious but not yet ready to visit Franklin, Tennessee, consider starting with a virtual consult to get quick answers to your questions.

Performance Clinics: More Than OCR:

Our Performance Clinics have evolved to embrace athletes competing in Hyrox and CrossFit competitions. The invaluable insights offered remain as essential as ever, shedding light on energy demands at rest and during intense activity – crucial for achieving peak performance.

Register Now – Limited Availability:

Due to the personalized nature of our one-on-one assessments, registration is highly limited. Secure your spot early to ensure entry to this transformative experience.

Please note that services are non-refundable. However, should unforeseen circumstances prevent your attendance, you can defer your entry to a friend (with advance notice) or reschedule your session. Your journey to running greatness starts here!

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