The Dark Side Training Bundle


Training the Dark Side.

Digital e-book version

Training the Dark Side will teach you to run faster, improve endurance and push beyond your current heart rate threshold! Coach Diaz has revolutionized the way athletes approach training and program design. With nearly 30 years of clinical assessments on athletes he reveals The Flow.

Ground Breaking information that will teach you:  

The information contained in this book will provide you with a unique approach to training for almost any endurance based competition.  You’ll quickly identify that you are able to run faster Improve endurance and put in more quality and volume, without the nagging injuries you generally experience at half the work!

The bundle also includes –

30 Days of Flow Training for OCR

Digital e-book version

30 Days of Flow Training for OCR is supplemental to Training the Dark Side.   Flow Training for OCR  is written for anyone who competes in Spartan Sprint Races.  When we release Training the Dark Side, we set the industry on notice… training before this is obsolete. You should read Training the Dark Side before taking on these workouts!  The training system  demonstrated in the flow cycles over 30 days of training  will serve as a complete game changer!  Featuring incredibly logical and effective training for Spartan Racing and other Obstacle Course Races.

Easy to follow, daily workouts, these are the same workouts currently followed by some of the best OCR athletes in the world!

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