Smart Meals




  • You do not need to starve to lose weight
  • Begin an easy to follow meal plan without the need of supplements!
  • You will sleep more soundly and reduce stress!
  • Wake up with more energy and the desire to exercise!

Virtual Nutrition Support

Smart Meals is a project we are excited to re-introduce!  Since our early beginnings, Lori Diaz has consulted our clients on highly effective nutrition strategies based on clinical metabolic analysis.  This experience has taught us what works and what does not. Fad Diets have plagued our society with ineffective short term solutions that promise to help consumers quickly lose weight. Even more disturbing, is the promise to lose fat and spare muscle in the process. We know that quick weight loss schemes do not work and the weight lost will soon return and your body composition will suffer the consequences.  We deal in a large community of active people who exercise and participate in grueling endurance events.  It is surprising how many of these athletes are silently suffering as they struggle to keep their weight down, drastically cut calories and end up with lack luster performances.


Once you purchase our Smart Meals 4 week kick start, you will be contacted to schedule your first consultation.  We then begin establishing needs and develop a feeding strategy.  Don’t worry!   You don’t need to drastically alter your food choices.  We know in order for this plan to be successful, it needs to be developed around foods you will eat.  After the initial consult you will meet “virtually” once per week to further guide you on the right path.  There is nothing complicated about this process, there are no pre-packaged foods to buy or supplements to ingest. This plan is built around real food for real people.  Regardless of your lifestyle goals!

Our meal planning is conservative.  We do not cut corners or make false claims.  What we will do is provide sound advice, easily managed meals based on your lifestyle, level of competition or simply help you manage your weight. You do not need to be a competitive athlete to participate in our service!

Our goal is to help you construct a feeding strategy that will provide for you regardless of level of fitness.