Performance Clinics


Our Performance Clinics, formerly known as The OCR Run Clinics have expanded to include athletes who compete in Hyrox and CrossFit Competitions.  The scope of these clinics have not changed other than to provide valuable information regarding energy demands both at rest and active.  These sports lend heavily on the importance of running skill and training methods that prolong the ability to perform at intense levels required to compete at optimal levels.

Our Performance Clinics occur around the country based on initiation from hosts, typically training facilities and of course in our home “Secret Lab.”  The clinics typically begin on A Friday and extend until Sunday afternoon.  Testing is conducted by appointment on a first register-first serve basis.  What you can expect is to come away with a tremendous amount of useful information and understand as to how to most effectively train your energy system and run with proficiency, to reduce the potential for injury while running faster with more endurance.

Interested in Hyrox competition? You may wish to consider a private session, testing on Treadmill, Rower and Ski Erg. which reveals specific metabolic turn points that a treadmill test alone may not indicate. Go to Hyrox Performance Testing for more information.

Registration is highly limited due to the nature of our one on one assessments, register early to insure entry.

The dates and locations can be found on our home page.