The Marathon Training Plan


 Because THE MARATHON Training Plan is written to provide the skills, YOU need to set a new PR!  Based on the concepts outlined in Training The Dark Side, The Marathon Training Plan is the next logical step!

  • 20 weeks of carefully orchestrated Running workouts.
  • If you can run 4 hours per week, you’re ready to start training because, its written for the average runner!
  • A Novel concept unlike other training plan. The result, running faster because of the benefits of Flow.
  • The Marathon Training Plan is based on two critical concerns;  First, the focus is on energy demand and running mechanics.  Because these are the fundamentals you need to succeed at any distance.
  • First timers welcome!  Don’t merely survive the distance, crush the course!
  • A full 140 days of training!


An in depth explanation on “How to Run” by one of the most experienced running mechanics in the country.  Learn to run properly, avoid injuries and build the volume needed to run 26.2 miles in control!

Learn how to establish effective heart rate training protocols resulting in staying power for 26.2 miles


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