Consultation with Coach Diaz


Consultation with Coach Diaz

What’s on your mind? Odds are you visited this site in search of answers because it’s  hard to get straight answers!  As a result of a one on one Consultation with Coach Diaz and get expert advice, relative to training, running injuries, and more.  Maybe you are not looking for a coach, you just need some sound advice.  Get answers to your burning question within a 30 minute consultation.  A typical in person visit runs a minimum of $250.00 for his service.  We recommend you invest in a call that may be all you need?

Consultation with Coach Diaz

Get straight forward answers:

  • Learn why you are chronically dealing with injuries from your run.
  • Why you can’t seem to build weekly volume.
  • Learn to self treat common training soreness or injuries.
  • Learn to properly utilize heart rate in your training.
  • Make a proper shoe selection for you!
Why not take advantage of  expertise developed over 30 years working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts!   Because you are an athlete who races and trains on a regular basis, you qualify.  Don’t think this service is reserved for only the elite!


Your Consultation with Coach Diaz is via internet video conference.   Jot down a few notes ahead of time to get the most from your call.  Once you’ve purchased the consult, Coach Diaz will reach out via email to determine the best time for the call.

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