The Dark Horse Running Skill Tutorial Video



The Dark Horse Running Tutorial – Coach Diaz’s teaches runners how to run properly to avoid injury and enhance performance.  This video is straight to the point and clearly identifies the things to avoid, how to correct most common mistakes and will lend you on the correct path as a successful and injury free runner!

Are you caught up in the cycle of revisiting a physical therapist every time you try to increase your weekly mileage?  Do you dread Track Workouts because of the excessive soreness that is sure to follow the very next day?

If you suffer from IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis, hip or low back problems, this video is for you!


Natural Running Taught the way it should!

This video is a game changer.  The coach reveals his secrets to correct running flaws.  


  • A typical one on one appointment can cost you $250 to visit him.  
  • With this video you will save a ton and learn the right way to run!  

The beautiful of this delivery is the logical conclusions. The Dark Horse Running Tutorial is hard to refute,  the facts and physics are explained in simple english.   hard to refute the facts and physics explained in simple english.  Benefit from the experience of over 30 years earned in the trenches from Coach Diaz.  Everything he teaches is evidence based.  If it hasn’t been tested and validated in the real world with people just like you, it’s not taught!  It is not unusual for someone suffering from chronic running related injuries to come away pain free from one session.  Now, this video can provide the same knowledge he shares with his visiting clientele. 

Training the Dark Side – digital PDF Version



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