Hyrox Performance Clinic group session

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $999.00.

Conquer Hyrox with Our Competition Prep!

Hyrox is the ultimate Functional Fitness challenge that demands unmatched stamina from athletes like you. Are you ready to rise above fatigue and dominate the competition? Our Hyrox Competition Prep is the key to unlocking your true potential and elevating your endurance game!

This opportunity requires a minimum of 3 participants and a max of 5 to earn the $200 discount from private sessions.

The Science of Success:  Fatigue is the formidable enemy in Hyrox, CrossFit, and other endurance challenges. With our precision-based Hyrox Competition Prep, we delve deep into your metabolic response to training. By identifying your unique cardiovascular demands across various exercises we craft a tailored approach to intensities that boosts your resistance to fatigue.

Discover Your True Power:  The journey begins with an RMR (resting metabolic rate) assessment – an eye-opening review of your daily caloric demands. Combined with results from other assessments, you’ll effectively dial in your nutritional needs. The outcome? Preserving muscle, shedding body fat, and unlocking limitless energy!

Maximize Your Performance:  Our unique RUNNING GAIT ANALYSIS  and correction session is a game-changer. Learn the art of proper running form, reducing injuries while running faster and with less effort. Your path to peak performance starts here!

Unlock Your VO2 Max Potential:  The next step in your transformation is 3 TASK SPECIFIC  VO2 MAX TESTS – one for each challenge. Our all-inclusive package features three VO2 max tests for RUNNING, ROWING, AND SKIING (with the option to add a Bike Erg test for an additional fee). All of which is carried over a Saturday and Sunday

Limited Spots, Enhanced Experience:

To provide the utmost care and focus, we limit appointments to no more than five athletes clients.

Get Ready to Conquer Hyrox:

The Hyrox Competition Prep is your ticket to success. Unleash your stamina, defy fatigue, and seize victory with our expert guidance. Don’t just compete – dominate! Join us on this transformative journey and redefine your endurance limits.

Are you ready to embrace the challenge? Elevate your stamina and conquer Hyrox like never before!

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