Virtual Running Gait Analysis


Tired of hurting when you Run?  An expert Virtual Running Gait Analysis is for you!

Virtual Running Gait Analysis is the most popular services we provide.  Maybe travel to California is not in your budget,  you may have heard from your friends that a one on one session with Coach Diaz is a major game changer.  Say no to running injuries!

  • This program will free you of running related injuries!
  • Learn how to run with proper form.
  • Run more efficiently and with greater economy.
  • The result is, you will enjoy running again!

The process is easy and incredibly effective!  Purchase the Virtual Running Gait Analysis and Coach Diaz will send you the details you need to properly create the video clips.  As a result he will analyze your running gait and make notes for you.  Very soon you will be on your first phone or Skype consult.  No matter where you live, you can reap the benefits of the most sought after running OCR coach anywhere!

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