Dark Side and Marathon Plan


The Dark Side and 20 Week Marathon Bundle serves as a “One – Two Punch.”  The Dark Side serves as your tutorial, explaining the concepts of Flow and how this approach will revolutionize your  Marathon training!  Unlike any system of training you have ever experienced, The Dark Side is universal in the way you approach any competition.  The theories teach you how to command your energy system and bend it to your design.  No matter how much intensity or endurance needed, The Dark Side shows you the way through the concepts of Flow.  The 20 Week Marathon Plan is exactly what it sounds like! 20 solid weeks of daily training built around the revolutionary flow cycles.  Armed with what you learned in Dark Side, the 20 week plan becomes easy to follow, logical in approach and incredibly powerful.  These two products combine to maximize your potential.  Just like we did with the 30 Day OCR Project, the Dark Side acts as the guide, the templates carve the path.

Here’s what to expect:

  • You will quickly identify that your fitness improves from day one!  Unlike other base building plans, you will not need to sacrifice your fitness to build endurance.
  • Your running form will sharpen!  The Dark Side teaches you how to run properly to avoid injury and free you to double your typical mileage.
  • Spend a few days absorbing the information provided in Training the Dark Side before attempting the Marathon project.
  • Pick a day to start your training.  Maybe schedule the training to begin about 22 weeks prior to the Marathon you wish to race.
  • Don’t have a race in mind?  No worries, the training will prepare you for just about any event you need to run in.
  • Be prepared to be amazed at your progress!  You will shatter previous limits to your training volume while blowing through previous personal records

30 Day Flow Training for OCR

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