30 Day Flow Training for OCR


30 Day Flow Training for OCR

30 Days Flow Training is supplemental to Training the Dark Side written for OCR Spartan Sprints.  You should read Training the Dark Side before taking on these workouts!  Flow Training for OCR  is for anyone who competes in Spartan Sprint Races.  Featuring 30 days of cutting edge “Flow”  training for Spartan Racing and other Obstacle Course Races.

Easy to follow daily workouts, these are the same workouts followed by some of the best OCR athletes in the world!

You Must read Training the Dark Side to derive maximal benefit from this training plan!

Training The Dark Side – Digital e-book version

The Training the Dark Side - 20 week Marathon bundle
Training the Dark Side serves as the education you need to take  ALL of your training to the next level!  The 20 week Marathon plan is your Blueprint to your next PR!