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Coach Rich Diaz's expertise as a performance clinician and coach is unmatched. He has spent years honing his craft, earning accolades from athletes worldwide. Now, it's your turn to benefit from his wealth of knowledge and insights. Get ready to unravel the secrets of peak performance and harness your full potential like never before.

VO2max testing


Athletic Greatness Starts Here: It's time to step into Coach Rich Diaz's Secret Lab and redefine your athletic destiny. Embrace the clinical precision of #VO2max testing, #virtual-coaching and exclusive expertise that will revolutionize your performance. Your journey to greatness awaits - seize this opportunity and claim your place at the forefront of athletic excellence.

OCR Run Clinic


A Weekend Like No Other:Prepare for a game-changing experience as you immerse yourself in our exclusive Running, OCR, and Hyrox Performance Clinics. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a passionate newcomer, this is your chance to elevate your performance and unlock your true potential.

Unlock Your Potential with Diaz Human Performance!

Why Choose Coach Rich Diaz’s  Virtual Coaching?

  • A Track Record of Excellence: Countless athletes have already experienced extraordinary breakthroughs under Coach Rich Diaz’s guidance. Join the ranks of high achievers and elevate your performance to new heights.
  • Expert Guidance, Personalized Approach: Our coaching is not one-size-fits-all. Coach Rich Diaz works closely with you to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, tailoring every aspect of your training for optimum results.
  • Visit The Secret Lab With a single visit Coach Rich Diaz will provide you with the knowledge you need to take your training and racing journey to the next level.  We take the guess work out of your training and provide actionable guidance you can’t wait to employy once you get home!


A 30 day pre- race program to level up your performance! An scientifically validated approach to developing resistance to fatigue before your next race! . See incredible improvements in your VO2max, lactate tolerance and other benefits that are simply mind blowing! Basically gain the same benefits of altitude training in a fraction of time even if you live at sea level! And, the best part is, you can achieve results in a matter of a few weeks, actually after about 5 to 7 sessions!

Performance Running Analysis

Our Performance Running Analysis and Optimization program improves performance by focusing on two key factors: efficiency and economy. The program starts with a video analysis of your running style to identify mistakes and how to correct them. Then, we analyze your energy usage during running through VO2max and anaerobic threshold detection. This analysis helps us understand where your energy comes from and how to improve your running performance.
Great Value


Get the chance to train with one of the industry's top coaches! You'll have weekly consultations to review your training, and as needed, virtual gait analysis. You'll also receive custom workouts and your data will be collected and reviewed. The cost is $425 per month.
Hyrox - OCR- Marathon - Triathlon
30 years of practical experience and clinical assessments on athletes from a variety of sports discilines.


Do you think that your son or daughter should simply perform well when their is little to no fundamental training that prepares them to participate in sports.  Sure, there are those that appear to be gifted, however even those kids are subject to injury. 

Our unique method of training provides the critical elements of movement prep that are unheard of in the school coaching environment.  Bottom line, our young clients dominate their competition.

They run faster, are more agile and possess skills well beyond what is available to the other kids.

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