Dark Horse II Training  for CrossFit 


Dark Horse II Training  for CrossFit

Dark Horse II Training  for CrossFit takes what we’ve learned from our first version and is greatly improved! If you did Dark Horse I you need to do Dark Horse II.  The training templates are easier to follow, the heart rate equations work far better and also easy to follow.

Here’s what’s new:

Dark Horse Training II CrossFit 

  • A video tutorial link clearly explaining how to follow “The Flow” workouts
  • Revised heart rate equations drawn specifically from each training tool such as the Ski Erg, Rower and Treadmill
  • Two new unique methods of sell assessing your progress
  • A full 85 pages of training and education


Newly Released!

13.1 Training


The Half Marathon is my favorite running event!  It tests your speed and endurance.  I have been wanting to write this program for a long time.

Finally, it’s done and done in “Flow” fashion, very much like my Marathon Training plan but this one is 12 weeks.  Plenty of time to get into phenomenal running fitness and short enough not to dominate your life!  Perfect for Spartan Beast Athletes too!