Dark Horse Training II is CrossFit and Functional Fitness Training.


The Dark Horse training plan changed the way people train. We put faith in our process and athletes that did the program reaped the rewards.  Dark Horse II is full of enhancements that make the program even better!


Dark Horse Training II is CrossFit and Functional Fitness training. This advanced copy takes what we’ve learned from our first version and is greatly improved! If you did Dark Horse you need to do Dark Horse II.  The training templates are easier to follow, the heart rate equations work far better and also easy to follow.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Dark Horse Training II is CrossFit and Functional Fitness training.
  • A video tutorial link clearly explaining how to follow “The Flow” workouts
  • Revised heart rate equations drawn specifically from each training tool such as the Ski Erg, Rower and Treadmill
  • Two new unique methods of sell assessing your progress
  • A full 85 pages of training and education

Not convinced? Follow this link and watch the video session while we put out theories to work with some seasoned CrossFit competitors. https://youtu.be/E99ZLAM57lI

Here’s what they are saying about this program…

Jack Miller – “This program was straight to the point, no hype. It gets you results”

Jen Ryan – “The Dark Horse program was the perfect inclusion to my training.  I felt like my conditioning pieces had more direction, which carried over into my other workouts and during competition.  I’m a different athlete now because I’m more in control of the workouts, not letting the workouts control me.  I’m attacking more high level gymnastics and weightlifting movements during workouts than I ever have before.  It feels good to still be improving after all this time.”

Matthew Freeman- Dark Horse changed the game for me. The program was challenging, productive, and produced results it said it would. I definitely recommend it.

Ruth de Jesus – The things my body learned from Dark Horse was incredible. Following benchmark workouts and heart monitored cardio pieces is beyond anything I’ve done before!

Jessica Kalyan – Dark Horse was a game changer to my crossfit performance — my benchmark times were almost cut in half and the improvements to my engine were astonishing!