The 12 Week Half Marathon Plan


The 12 Week Half Marathon Plan is a continuation from the revolutionary “Flow” Concept of training revealed in Training the Dark Side. We believe that once you understand how effective this approach to training is, there are no limits to where this approach can be applied.  This training plan is best suited to Intermediate runners, but most any level of runner should be able to do well with this program. Here is what you can expect:

  • A comprehensive education on how to run properly, to avoid injury, improve the ability to add significant volume to your training and ultimately run faster!
  • The heart rate specific training application is like no other! A novel approach to managing energy, build endurance and stave off the debilitating effects of lactic acid toxicity.

 If you don’t already own a copy of Training the Dark Side, we highly recommend you make it your next purchase.  This training guide serves as the hub of this and all future training plans to follow from Coach Diaz.  Set a new Personal Record in your next half marathon and once its done, move on to the Marathon!  The 20 Week Marathon Training plan is the obvious next step!

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