Training The Dark Side is a Game Changer!

Don’t take our word for it, listen to an elite Marathon Runner with a personal best of 2:23 at The Boston Marathon.  Learn why he completely committed himself to the training concepts revealed in this book.

Training The Dark Side Marathon Bundle
Training The Dark Side - Ebook
Training The Dark Side Bundle -30 Day OCR

Training The Dark Side puts your mind set in the right place for training, the How, the Why and When.  For some, this is all they hoped for. Others, like to have more guidance. The 20 week Marathon Training Plan is exactly that, a script to follow everyday!

Training The Dark Side will lead you into a far better understanding of how to tap into your energy, put it to use and become aligned with the way your body works instead of trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Training The Dark Side puts your mind set in the right place for training, the How, the Why and When.   Put these concepts to work in a 30 Day OCR Training Plan for Sprint or Super Distances.

Thoughts from The Coach / Author

Richard Diaz

What an incredible journey this has been so far. In over 25 years of clinical assessment and experience based interaction with thousands of athletes, it took up until now to realize the work portrayed in Training The Dark Side.

Getting away from what others believe and have written.  Finally, trusting in my own work and allowing my experience to guide me was an incredible undertaking.  Allowing logic, perception and science from thousands of case studies to meld into an undeniable outcome.  I am confident that those that open their minds and listen to what is revealed here will be an absolute game changer!


Mallory Mazer

I am not an elite athlete but the Dark Side concepts really resonated with me and the results followed.

Hunter McIntyre World Champion

I am the current World Champion in Hyrox. Rich has taught me so much, his book is awesome!

Marissa Coy Ultra Distance Racer

I've been following Coach Diaz and his teachings and this book is so useful, I'll never change back!

Veejay Jones Elite OCR Pro

Rich has been my coach for years. I witnessed his revelations and genius as it has evolved

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