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For a limited time, Coach Diaz will Face Time with you as you Run on your treadmill.  He will guide you into proper running mechanics much like he would if you came to The Secret Lab in person!  If you have been frustrated with reoccurring injuries, can’t seem to figure out how to adopt stride frequency or are perplexed with heart rate specifics?  Right in the leisure of your home you’ll have private access to one other most sought after coaches in the country!

  • A one on one visit to the lab for this very service is $250.00. For this limited engagement you pay one $175.00! 
  • A treadmill and an iPhone or iPad in required order to get the most out of this opportunity!
  • Quickly learn how to correct the mistakes you make that cause injury!
  • Learn some highly effective secrets used to turn good runners into great runners!

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