Semi-Private Virtual Coaching

$525.00 every 3 months

Semi-Private Virtual Coaching is a great way to get expert training under the care of Coach Diaz by sharing the expense with a training buddy.

This is how it works…

  • You and your partner need to be working towards the same goal.  For example one of you can’t be training for a triathlon while the other is an OCR athlete.
  • Each week you and your partner will meet “virtually” with Coach Diaz to receive your workouts for the upcoming week and to discuss the results from the previous week.
  • Your weekly video consult will be scheduled for the same time and day that both of you will attend at a time we mutually agree upon.
  • You will get the same attention to detail that our private clients get, only arranged for both of you based on your abilities.
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    1. Private “virtual coaching is $300 per month.
    2. Semi-private 2 members is $175 per month per member.

Each member is responsible for their monthly fee and will be invoiced accordingly on a quarterly basis.


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