Crush the Run IV Virtual Running Program


Crush the Run IV Virtual Running Program – What is it?

Crush the Run IV is the 4th iteration of our off season training plan.  The sole focus being to enhance running capacity, both functional speed and endurance.  There will be a great deal of attention in the early weeks to teach you how to perfect your running form and minimize the potential for injuries while maximizing your ability to run at greater sustained paces.

When does it begin?

Attend a FREE initial Facebook live communiqué with all of the prospective members on October 8th.   Search “Groups for Crush the Run IV and request entry.   This meeting and Q&A is free to join.  If you decided to join, all you need do is register for the program via the link provided.

The program begins November 1st and your training will continue each week, beginning with a live chat in our private group with your coach (Richard Diaz) as your daily training is revealed in our group Training Peaks account.  The program concludes on February 1st 2022.

Is this program form me?

Crush the Run IV Virtual Running Program is perfect for anyone who identifies that in order to be more successful in their races, they need to bring their run game up!

If you have battled with frustrating injuries or the inability to increase your training volume due to running related soreness.

If endurance over the longer races is a problem. If you struggle to find and maintain a faster sustainable pace.

If you are relatively new to racing or running.

Crush the Run IV Virtual Running Program is definitely for you!

What If I am not an OCR athlete?

This training program is very specific to running, be it on trail or road.  We do not intend to include strength or obstacle challenges in this program.  It is strictly geared to running skill development.

What does it cost?

Because it makes our life easier to get everyone settled into the applications, we are offering an early bird price of $149.00 that will expire on October 15th.  After that, the price goes to $189.00 and registration closes on October 29th.

As you may already know, we have produced several of these virtual group training plans over the years with incredible success!  Training primarily OCR athletes from a 10k all the way to a 50k ultra distance.  Suffice to say, we have refined the process to make it better and more effective than ever before.  This is your opportunity to prepare yourself for the coming season and Hit the ground Running!


Virtual Training by Coach Diaz